Excess Water Bill? A Simple Check For Undetected Water Leaks

Water Meter ChecksOne of the first signs of an undetected leak at your home is an unusually high water bill.  For your home in Los Angeles, Orange County and across the Inland Empire, Schuelke Leak Detection can help with fast same day service to diagnose the issue and once found, undertake the necessary repairs.

Not only do undetected leaks cause the potential for high water bills, they also pose water conservation and structural concerns.  Obviously leaks left alone will cause considerable wastage of precious fresh water supplies.  Depending on where the leak is located, if left undetected they can pose other problems related to the structural integrity of your home, or problems with your landscaping.  For example, water leaking into the ground under your home can cause the earth to swell, sometimes causing the foundations to move or crack.  Worst of all, long term leaks may not be covered by home owners insurance, so its important to have them diagnosed quickly and any issues mitigated.

To see if you have an undetected leak causing high water bills you can check using your water meter.  This is normally located in a box at the front of your yard.  The Los Angeles County Waterworks District gives tips on how to read the meter to detect leaks.  First of all turn off the water to your home, by turning the valve next to the meter.  You can check this by trying to run a faucet and making sure that nothing comes out.  Then:

  • "Turn off all water inside and outside, making sure that no one uses water during the test period.
  • Read your meter. Mark where the sweep hand is located on your meter.
  • Wait 15 to 20 minutes and see if the hand has moved.
  • If the hand has moved, there is a leak somewhere."

There are then two very common causes of a leak.  The first is an outdoor hose bib that has been left on (or a hose or sprinkler), so check that these are off.  The second is that a toilet cistern is running, so give your toilets particular attention.  These can often also be turned off at a nearby valve for evaluation.

If you're still seeing a leak, then it's time to call in the experts.  Our state-of-the-art technology can help detect the source of the leak, and our expert technicians are fully licensed and insured to carry out any necessary plumbing repairs too.

For more information on how Schuelke Leak Detection can help you, call and speak with us today.

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